Hyundai commits to hydrogen with new SUV

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Korean giant has previewed a near-production ready hydrogen-powered electric (FCEV) SUV in Seoul, with more than 30 eco-friendly cars promised by 2021

hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

At a special preview event in Seoul, Korean giant Hyundai showed off a next-generation fuel cell vehicle that’s so specially previewed that it doesn’t even have a name yet.

Besides kicking off Hyundai’s accelerated rollout of upcoming green vehicles, the new SUV also hints at the company’s evolution of its design language and styling direction.

Hyundai’s fourth-generation hydrogen fuel cell technology is on board this SUV, with increased performance, reduced consumption, providing a driving range of 800km on a single charge.

“Hyundai Motor will take the lead in developing and producing green energy vehicles that would ultimately complement a near-zero emission society,” said Lee Ki-sang, Senior Vice President of Hyundai’s Eco Technology Center.

hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

The new FCEV SUV, now 20 percent more powerful with the fourth-gen powertrain, boasts 160 horsepower and promises increased durability.

The design inherits features from the Hyundai FE concept first seen earlier this year at the Geneva motor show, building on that foundation with styling the designers say is inspired by water flow. It’s claimed by the company to represent a spearhead towards a slate of new low-emissions vehicles, with Hyundai planning 31 eco-friendly cars by 2021.

hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

The product barrage includes electric, hybrid, and hydrogen FCEV cars like this SUV, as well as four-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive models. Next year Hyundai aims to get the ball rolling with an EV version of the new Kona crossover, with a claimed driving range of 390km. The rear-drive Genesis EV model is scheduled for 2021, and a long-range EV with a 500km range is arriving after that.

The full reveal of this new hydrogen SUV will take place next year in Korea before the car goes on sale in North America and Europe – Hyundai is also exploring the viability of expanding its FCEV models to high-growth markets like China.

Since 2013 Hyundai has been the world’s first car manufacturer to have a hydrogen car production line, and already sells FCEVs in 18 countries.

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