Car wash or Dubai Police impound lot? What’ll it be?

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Dirty deeds: municipality initiates new awareness campaign aimed at ridding the city of dirty cars parked for long periods of time — 5,000 cars already towed away over the last 18 months

dubai parked cars

The authorities in Dubai have followed Abu Dhabi’s lead and warned that owners of vehicles left parked for prolonged periods and gathering dirt will be fined and liable to car impounding.

The warning follows a new awareness campaign launched by Dubai Municipality’s Waste Management Department that particularly pinpoints vacationers who leave the during the summer abandoning their vehicles over the hotter months of the year.

Over the last 18 months the municipality has issued more than 37,000 fines to owners of dirty cars, and nearly 5,000 vehicles have been towed away into the impound lot. Should you neglect a car parked on the street for too long you’re liable to spend around AED1,300 in fines and administrative fees.

Representatives in the municipality claim abandoned cars affect the city’s aesthetic appearance and form potential for criminal activity.

Owners of offending cars are given two-week warning periods to clean the vehicle or move it to a private storage facility.

Earlier this year the UAE government updated traffic fine laws across the nation, and although most parking-related infractions are minor inflicting no black points to your licence, should you park in front of a hydrant or in a space designated for ambulances or handicapped drivers, you’re liable to a fine of AED1,000 and six black points.

Other parking infringements include parking “without securing your car”, which is a fine of AED500, and abuse of a parking space, which will cost you AED200 and three black points.

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