Murray magic: New TVR coming next month

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McLaren F1 designer Gordon ‘Captain Pure’ Murray has turned to the new , and naturally the half-million-dirham sports car will come with a manual transmission…


This year marked the 25th anniversary of the McLaren F1, noted by the wider automotive sphere as the epochal supercar and arguably the greatest road car of the 20th century. It was the result of Gordon Murray’s obsession towards a pure sports car (he famously referred to the Lotus Elan and Honda NSX as benchmarks) combined with McLaren’s technical and commercial might.

The McLaren rolled out as a million-dollar fantasy that went nearly 400km/h and beat the prototypes at Le Mans. There was nothing else like it, because the McLaren F1 was one man let loose and free to create the car of his genius.

We developed the new TVR as a product that builds on all the magic and excitement of our hand-crafted British motor cars of yesteryear.

That’s why things might bode rather well for the return of British boutique sports car marque TVR, seeing as Murray is involved. He famously loathes heavy, digital cars, and strives for driver-involvement, often commuting to work himself at Gordon Murray Design in a ‘Frogeye’ Sprite or Renault Twingo…

Scheduled to make its public premiere next month at the Goodwood Revival, the new TVR creation is just in time for the 70th anniversary of the TVR name, founded by Trevor Wilkinson (he lent his name to the company) in 1947 and much loved by enthusiasts for remaining an independent British marque prone to doing outrageous, over-powered cars with a focus on lightweight composite design. 


Now the new owners promise a hand-assembled car that “delivers exhilarating performance on road and track, as well as everything discerning customers expect of a car intended for everyday use,” as well as of course, as we can see from the latest teaser image, a manual transmission. Murray wouldn’t have it any other way.

Responsible for the development of the car’s dynamics, Murray said: “We developed the new TVR as a product that builds on all the magic and excitement of our hand-crafted British motor cars of yesteryear. We combined this with a most rigorous engineering and assembly process design to ensure outstanding consistency, build quality and reliability.”

Murray with the McLaren F1 in the mullet days, 25 years ago…

TVR plans to produce a limited number of cars, with sales commencing with the Launch Edition model of which 500 will be made. The company will offer bespoke specifications and create unique finishes on each car, and Murray is sure to be pleased with the selection of a naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre V8 from Cosworth.

The TVR will be good for 320km/h thanks to around 500 horsepower for less than 1.3-tonnes, and 0-100km/h comes up in less than four seconds. Prices for the car are expected to start from the range of AED500,000.

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