Kahn launches million-dirham Land Rover Defender

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Why buy a Defender for AED170,000 when you can have one for nearly a million dirhams? May we introduce the new Flying Huntsman 105 Long Nose…

kahn Flying Huntsman 105 Long Nose land rover defender

British custom car company Kahn Design already showed off the Flying Huntsman 105 Long Nose earlier at this year’s Geneva motor show, but now the -based school-run-special is ready to go on sale. Provided you can cover the AED960,000 asking price…

Solihull has been producing the sturdy Defender in pretty much unchanged configuration since the early eighties (and the predecessor dates back much further…) , before Land Rover finally discontinued the model last year when the final Defender, registration H166 HUE (anoraks will recognise the link to the world’s oldest Land Rover, a 1948 model with plate number HUE 166), rolled off the line.

You could have bought yourself a piece of history last year brand new from Land Rover for AED170,000, but Kahn will sell you its own mad take on the Defender for about six times that.

Flying Huntsman 105 Long Nose comes in Kahn’s Volcanic Rock Satin grey exterior paint, with the 105 referring to its wheelbase length in inches. The extra 400mm over stock has been added to elongate the chassis just in front of the windscreen, aptly earning the car its Long Nose name.

kahn Flying Huntsman 105 Long Nose land rover defender


The body gains wider arches and plenty of apertures bolted on to the car in a rugged look, and Kahn also throws on its own grille design, new front bumper with extra lights, military-spec LED headlamps, and enough off-roading kit to make sure nothing gets in your way at the mall car park.

Fitted as standard on the Long Nose (as you’d rightly expect at nearly a million bucks…), the truck gets 20in wheels with beefy tyres, and gets around pretty usefully powered by a 450 horsepower 6.2-litre V8 sourced from General Motors. The engine drives all four wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission, and the suspension and brakes receive complete overhauls too.

Inside the car Kahn’s designers trimmed everything in read and black leather and Alcantara, throwing in some piano black trim and machined aluminium for effect. If that sounds like a million dirhams worth of Land Rover Defender to you, you know where to go.

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