VIDEO: Watch the Lego McLaren 720S come to life

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One-minute time lapse video of Goodwood Festival of Speed Lego McLaren 720S is hypnotic

Any automotive related Lego product is one our favourite time wasters. However, it is always epic to see something life-size being put together — this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed saw McLaren Automotive bring to life a 1:1 scale 720S made from Lego bricks. And now the company has released a video on its official YouTube channel that condenses the entire process neatly into a one-minute clip.

Lego McLaren 720S

Given the enormity of the model, the numbers behind its making are equally head-spinning. As many as 280,000 bricks were meticulously put together, with a whopping 2,000 man hours expended. A real 720S, the one that makes 720 horsepower and hits 100km/h from standstill in 2.9 seconds, for context, takes a measly 12 days or 288 hours to build.

Lego McLaren 720S

The Lego McLaren 720S may take longer to build, but we have it on good authority that the real thing is quicker

The Lego 720S however crushes the scales at around 1,600kg, unlike the real thing that weighs just 1,283kg dry. This is hardly surprising because the model is not entirely made of Lego bricks; it sits on a structure, which comprises a metal base and real wheels and tyres.

It is mesmerising to watch this full-size Macca 720S come to life from tiny plastic bricks. Hit the play button above to watch the process in action.

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