Electric Mini due in 2019

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BMW has just announced a fully-electric to go on sale in 2019, with development work carried out in Germany and assembly in the UK

2019 electric mini

By the year 2025 BMW expects up to a quarter of annual sales to be accounted for by electrified vehicles. At the very least the Germans expect the number to be 15 percent. Considering the Munich group (BMW also owns Mini and Rolls-Royce) produces nearly 2.5 million cars a year the take for electrified vehicles could be substantial, potentially worth some 600,000 cars annually.

Because of the uncertainty associated with electrified drivetrains — a lot depends on infrastructure and government regulations around the world — BMW says that scaling manufacture and efficiency in production is key to success.

In short, BMW has developed a more flexible production system across its global network of plants, which will in the future manufacture car platforms that can facilitate conventional combustion engines, plug-in hybrid drive, or fully electric zero-emissions drivetrains at the same time.

Oliver Zipse, the board member in charge of production at BMW, added, “If required, we can increase production of electric drivetrain motor components quickly and efficiently, in line with market developments.”

The first all-new product to reach customers on this latest modular platform is an all-electric Mini green-lit for 2019.

Afterwards the product onslaught will continue, with an all-electric BMW X3 crossover in 2020, and the BMW iNext in 2021.

BMW says that by the end of 2017 the company will reach a milestone of 100,000 electrified vehicle sales. Currently, the Munich company produces electrified vehicles in 10 of its plants around the world, which is a third of the group’s current manufacturing facilities.

There is no additional information available about the 2019 electric Mini right now, other than it’s a three-door core model expected to have a zero-emissions range of over 500km.

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