New 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport revealed

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Japanese carmaker is unveiling the all-new Swift Sport in Frankfurt this September, with new looks and a new turbocharged engine

2018 suzuki swift

In the high-stakes world of the hot the fight for supremacy is an ongoing battle between high-dollar, high-boost superstars like the new Honda Civic Type R, Mercedes-AMG A45, Volkswagen Golf R, and Ford Focus RS. With the exception of the Golf, this is a 300+ horsepower club. 

And then somewhere down below, way below, you have the classical take on a hot hatch, without any faux centrelock wheels, without all-wheel rive and ‘Drift’ modes, and without turbos and outrageous wings. Just a pure, simple, lightweight compact car with a sorted suspension and a revvy little motor, all a hot hatch should be, and nothing more. For that you have to go to Suzuki, and leave with a Swift Sport.

This often overlooked buzz-box has been adored by car journalists and any enthusiasts that stumble upon it, even if in the UAE the car is only available with a joy-killing CVT transmission. Still the recipe of a great chassis, short wheelbase and wide track, a 1.6-litre naturally aspirated engine barely making 135 horsepower high up at 6,900rpm, and only a little over a tonne on the scales (remarkably the 2018 Sport weight nearly 250kg less than a Mini Cooper S…), the Swift Sport is an analogue hot hatch in a twin-clutched, semi-slick-tyred world.

However this September at the Frankfurt motor show an all-new third-generation Swift Sport is coming, and although Suzuki isn’t giving anything away yet all speculations point at a turbocharged engine replacing the much-loved current free-breathing four-cylinder.

Suzuki’s latest 1.4-litre turbocharged ‘Boosterjet’ engine — already serving in the AED63,900 Vitara, although not in our GCC market — seems a likely fit as it makes 140 horsepower and some 70Nm of torque more than the current Swift Sport engine for a total of 220Nm from 1,500rpm.

We’ll miss the current engine anyway, and going by the only picture Suzuki has released prior to the 2018 Swift Sport’s Frankfurt premiere, we’ll miss the looks too.

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