The Evora GT430 is the most powerful Lotus ever

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Hethel releases new Lotus Evora GT430 limited edition model worth 430 horsepower and available to order now from AED650,000

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When it was launched, some eight year ago by now, the Evora was supposed to inject a dose of refinement into the hard-core Lotus line-up making its debut with 280 horsepower.

Now the Famed Hethel sports car company has just released the most powerful road-going Lotus ever, and it’s an Evora with 150 horsepower more than it started with.

The new Evora GT430 makes, no surprise, 430 horsepower from the supercharged 3.5-litre Toyota-sourced V6 that has served Lotus so well since the model’s launch. In the GT430 the power peaks at 7,000rpm and maximum torque of 440Nm is available from 4,500rpm.

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Lotus engineers saved 2.5kg alone by careful use of materials inside the car

A saving of 26kg (compared to the next Evora down the rung, the Sport 410) means this GT430 can hit 100km/h from rest in 3.8 seconds and go on to a top speed of 305km/h.

To achieve the 1,259kg kerb figure Lotus’ engineers really got to work. The biggest single weight-saving change is the standard exhaust system made of titanium which has the added benefit of sounding great besides weighing 10 kilos less.

New carbon fibre body panels save another 4.7kg and a bunch of carbon fibre aero components like that front splitter, aero blades, louvres, and huge rear wing crowning the diffuser, add 250kg of downforce at maximum speed.

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The suspension system saves 2kg, and lightweight interior bits cut another 2.5kg, but Lotus’ obsessiveness extends to polycarbonate windows (another half a kilo…), a lighter fluid filler system, and even things like aluminum brackets to cut 1.3kg in total.

Hethel will produce just 60 examples of the Evora GT430, each available to order now from about AED650,000 with a six-speed manual transmission, limited slip differential, gearbox cooler, precision shifter, and everything else you need for a memorable track day out.

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