Dubai introduces incentives for electric vehicle purchases

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Responding to the global rise of electric cars, wants 10 percent of all new fleet vehicle purchases to be hybrid or electric

Dubai EV

H. H. Shaikh Ahmad bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, approved an incentive programme promoting the use of electric cars in Dubai, aiming for 10 percent of all vehicles by the year 2030 to be hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs).

According to the directive government institutions will ensure 10 percent of all new fleet vehicle purchases are hybrid or electrified vehicles, helping Dubai reduce total carbon emissions by 19 percent in the year 2021.

Next week, electric carmaker Tesla is officially opening its doors to the company’s Dubai showroom with prices for its entry-level models starting from AED275,000 for the Model S saloon, and AED344,000 for the Model X SUV. Tesla is the latest newcomer to the electric car field in the Middle East, with carmakers such as Renault, Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus, Audi, Porsche and BMW already offering electrified vehicles and plug-in hybrids to regional consumers.

Dubai EV

By Expo 2020 Dubai will have 200 operational electric vehicle charging stations

Although private demand for such cars in the UAE and the Gulf is currently low, globally consumers are increasingly embracing electric vehicles — 2016 was a record year for EVs with the number of electric cars now on the world’s roads over two million. That figure is expected to get a huge spike with the International Energy Agency’s Global EV Outlook projecting up to 70 million electric cars whizzing about by the year 2025.

Earlier this year Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority signed deals for Toyota Camry plug-in hybrid taxis and 200 Tesla EVs. Already there are 100 operational charging stations in locations such as hotels, shopping malls, and popular resorts, with Dubai pledging to offer charging stations for three different types of electrified vehicles before the start of Expo 2020, doubling the current number of the stations to 200.

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