UAE hybrid sales on the up

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Increasing hybrid sales is key to sustainability in the nation, says

Hybrid is garnering unprecedented interest in the UAE

How do you convince a nation of V8-enthusiasts used to being surrounded by giant hunks of metal and with petrol prices hovering around the AED1.78 range to drop their fuel-guzzling monster machines and buy something environmentally sound? Something powered by a washing machine motor, for all they care?

Well, according to Al-Futtaim Motors the current demand for in the region is already viable enough to warrant more and more hybrid models being introduced to the region. 

In fact, Al-Futtaim Motors, the exclusive Toyota distributor in the UAE, has announced a 535 per cent increase in hybrid Toyota Prius sales for the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2016. The Hybrid fared only slightly worse, accounting for an increase of 430 per cent.

Of course the Prius was only launched in the country last year, promising fuel economy equivalent to 100km covered at a cost of AED7.12, that is to say around 25km on a litre of petrol.

As for the Camry Hybrid, Al-Futtaim Motors says the car also lessens the burden on the environment since it’s mostly a fleet-sales model with over 1,000 examples serving duty as cabs in a number of taxi operators such as Dubai Taxi Corporation and Emirates Cab.

“Our hybrid cars offer an immediate solution to a greener UAE, requiring no additional infrastructure development, no external charging and no changes in driver behaviour,” said Saud Abbasi, Managing Director of Toyota at Al-Futtaim Motors.

“This positive growth for both the Prius and the Camry Hybrid are proof that our customers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and financial benefits of owning hybrid cars,” Abbasi added.

According to Al-Futtaim motors studies show that the average driver can save up to a tonne of CO2 a year by driving a hybrid vehicle, while an entire taxi fleet of hybrids can save up to 30 per cent of fuel while emitting 30 per cent less harmful gases.

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