Land Cruiser Pickup Hangs On In Crucial Market

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While the Land Cruiser Pickup has been disappearing from markets for decades, recent news in the Australian motoring press suggests the popular utility vehicle may have a fourth act after all: “It’s an indefinite member of the Toyota family, it’s a crucial and much-loved vehicle in Australia. It’s iconic … and this update will solidify in a lot of people’s minds that we’re not giving up on the model. It’s here and it’s here to stay,” Stephen Coughlan, a spokesperson for Toyota said in an interview.

Land Cruiser Pickup

And while the model hasn’t been imported to the States since the 1980s, and Toyota has no plans to sell the truck in US, it’s a fair guess that we’ll continue to see them here in the GCC in years to come. Why all the fuss then? Our market liley isn’t large enough to support the model on it’s own, so its continued success in Oz is good news for Land Cruiser fans.

The current model Land Cruiser Pickup is powered by Toyota’s 228 HP 4.0-litre petrol engine. The frame of the pickup has been constructed to be lightweight as possible for both handling and fuel efficiency improvements.

Introduced in 1984, this iconic work horse hasn’t changed much since its introduction, although you couldn’t get creature comforts like USB inputs, Bluetooth, and er, air bags back in the day. (Airbags were mandated in new cars the US starting with the 1989 model year.) And while the Land Cruiser Pickup might not be the average daily driver, we expect many readers will rest assured that these capable beasts should continue to dot our corner of the desert.

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    April 19, 2017 at 10:31 am

    Toyota, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that Americans only want a fully dressed 200 and so that’s what we get. Its 80 grand+ and although that sounds like a lot of money, as your resident Land Cruiser nuttist, I’m here to try and explain where all that money goes.

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