Nissan Middle East launches Patrol Desert Edition

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The Nissan Patrol Desert Edition made its global debut at the 13th Dubai International Motor Show. Conceptualised and developed in collaboration with the Middle East’s most influential motorsports personality, Dr Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the Patrol Desert Edition is a region specific offering.

Nissan Patrol Desert Edition

Visually identifiable with special badges, beadlock wheels, and prominent bash plates, the Desert Edition is based on the Nissan Patrol LE, powered by a powerful 5.6L V8 engine that generates 400hp and 560Nm of torque. With Dr Ben Sulayem’s personal involvement, the Nissan Patrol is now even more capable. Its suspension has been specially tuned after extensive testing in the harshest of desert conditions.

Managing Director of Nissan Middle East, Samir Cherfan, said: “The development of the Nissan Patrol Desert Edition followed a research study that we conducted in the GCC, which outlined that our consumers wanted an ultimate off-road version of the Patrol tailored to the region.”

Samir Cherfan, Managing Director - Nissan Middle East - Dubai International Motor Show

Special skid plates for underbody protection, an on-board tyre inflator and beadlock wheels that enable drivers to deflate to extremely low pressures for extra ease are all present. To further assist off-road adventures, the Desert Edition is supplied with a state-of-the-art navigation system as part of its infotainment package, complete with forward facing and reversing cameras.

The Nissan Patrol Desert Edition is priced at $69,430 USD in the UAE. Prices per market will vary from region to region.

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