Luxgen treads its own path to a successful future

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Supremacy in the automotive realm is an ever-changing space and the East Asian sphere, in particular, is one that has been evolving at a rapid pace. Southeast Asian manufactures are at the forefront of altering perceptions, proving that inferiority is a thing of the past.

Luxgen Dubai Motor Show

Headquartered in Sanyi, Luxgen is a Taiwanese automaker and a wholly owned subsidiary of Yulon Motor – one of Taiwan’s biggest automakers. Founded in 2009, the brand’s portfolio consists of five models covering the SUV, Sedan, Crossover, and MPV segments of the market and is brought to the region by Western Auto.

At the Dubai International Motor Show, the marque’s Luxgen7 SUV and Luxgen5 Sedan captured gazes but fell short of garnering as much attention as the brand’s main attraction, the all-new U6 Turbo.

With LEDs embellishing the taut headlamps and prominent contours adorning the bodywork, the Taiwanese Crossover exudes character. While dashes of chrome along the exterior lend the U6 Turbo some flair, it does so without being garish.

Western Auto, CEO – A. J. Kamal expressed, “Having LUXGEN as part of our dealership business is a prestigious feeling because it fills in the one segment we were missing. Yulon Group’s Automotive Wing, LUXGEN Motors, chose us for their Middle East operations because they believe we’re in line with their vision, and our aim is to live up to that. We want Western Auto to be the driving force for LUXGEN and we’re positive about achieving accelerated growth results year on year.”

Housing a plethora of features including a blind spot monitoring system, a lane departure warning system, and a pedestrian detection system, the U6 portrays itself to be a lot superior to most other offerings at AED 109,000.

Powered by a 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine that is coupled with a Garrett turbocharger, the U6 is good for a commendable 168 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque. Mated to a five speed semi-automatic transmission, it offers three drive modes including a locked centre differential for hassle-free mild off-road jaunts.

Will the Taiwanese replace the current position of the Koreans? Only time will tell, but they’re definitely on the right path.

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