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2015 Nissan Xterra
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Review Summary:

Named after the triathlon race series that Nissan sponsored between 1998 and 2006, the is a Mid-Sized SUV that competes against likes of the Chevrolet Trailblazer and Kia Sorento.


Shift-on-the-fly drive selector


Exterior styling


The squarish head lamps, protruding wheel arches, 9.5 inch ground clearance, and plenty of ruler straight lines, come together to form a rather boxy outer shell on the 2015 Nissan Xterra. Elegance or neatness for that matter, clearly weren’t anywhere in the recipe when putting the Xterra together, and as a result, it looks extremely out of place on any stretch of tarmac. Is this an SUV you’d be able to pull up to a fancy hotel in without being embarrassed? Erm, I doubt it.

2015 Nissan X-Terra front


Inside, it’s pretty much the same story. An abundance of hard plastics coupled with cloth seats give birth to the macho no-nonsense design of the interior. The extremely dated instrument panel that looks like it’s been pulled right out of the Sunny, along with the simplistic centre console, make the Xterra look and feel like a real economy vehicle.

2015 Nissan X-Terra interior


The drive selector switch placed below entertainment system is in all likelihood, the neatest feature on the Xterra. Offering a shift-on-the-fly option when swapping from two two wheel drive to four wheel drive mode when travelling at speeds of up to 100 km/h.

2015 Nissan X-Terra side

What’s on offer?

The 2015 Nissan Xterra wears a starting price of AED 106,500 that gradually rises all the way to AED 119,750 for the off-road variant that comes equipped with machined alloys, off-road tires, Bilstein shocks and a rear differential lock. Under the hood, the Nissan Xterra hides a 4.0 litre V6 that produces 270 horsepower and 394 Nm of torque and is mated to a 5 speed transmission.

2015 Nissan X-Terra front

Summing it…

The 2015 Nissan Xterra lacks a sense of refinement and just feels archaic when placed beside its competitors. If Nissan had skimped on the price as much as they’ve tried to cut on features, the Xterra would have probably been able to compete. But with a price tag that is more than the Chevrolet Trailblazer and the Kia Sorento, the Xterra is quite simply, a lost cause. Unless, you’re looking for something to bash around on the dunes over the weekend.

2015 Nissan X-Terra rear


Specifications2015 Nissan XTERRA
Engine/ Cylinders4.0 litre / V6
Max Power
270 hp @ 5,600 RPM
Max Torque
394 Nm @ 4,000 RPM
Transmission5 speed automatic
DriveFour Wheel Drive
0-100 km/h9.0 secs
Top speed190 km/h
PriceAED 106,500 - 119,750

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