2015 Nissan Tiida | new car review

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2015 Nissan Tiida
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AEDAED 55,750 - 78,000
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Review Summary:

It's the Japanese that has taken the streets of the UAE by storm.


Spacious and well lit cabin.


Slightly pricey.


In comparison to its predecessor, the 2015 Tiida certainly looks modern and up to date with times. The car looks well planted and has a grown up feel to it. Soft creases and flowing character lines remind of the design trend that Mazda started a few years back. The car falls in line with the rest of the cars in its appearance and looks familiar.

2015 Nissan Tiida front


Inside, the Tiida feels refreshing. It can take in 5 adults with ease. Headroom and legroom are offered in abundance for normal sized mortals, by that I mean those cutting it a bit less than 6 foot in height. Use of earth colors infuses a sense of calmness in its well lit cabin. As on the outside, soft edges and uncluttered layout resonates inside the car. Quality of materials used is at par with expectations.

2015 Nissan Tiida interior


The 2015 Nissan Tiida comes with two power plants – a 116 horsepower, 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine and a 130 horsepower 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. Nissan has coupled both engines to its new generation Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which basically means that the Tiida gets infinite gear ratios.

2014 Nissan Tiida_Side accessorized

What’s on offer?

Two engine options and two variants in each engine option, totalling up to 4 variants, are on the block. Power windows, Dual airbags, power steering, central locking, keyless entry and anti lock braking system come standard on all variants. As you climb the price ladder, goodies such as sunroof, rear parking sensors, 17 inch alloys wheels, cruise control, steering mounted controls, leather seats and more fall into your lap, or rather you fall into theirs.

2015 Nissan Tiida side

Summing it…..

The 2015 Nissan Tiida comes across as a smart, grown-up car with a decent amount of goodies inside. Besides other Nissan cars, it has shades of design cues first seen on Mazda cars. While the top spec 1.6 liter at AED 62,000 would seem like a reasonable price point, anything above that is a bit much of an asking for this car.

2015 Nissan Tiida rear


Specifications2015 Nissan Tiida 1.6L2015 Nissan Tiida 1.8L
Engine/ Cylinders1.6 litre / 4-cyl1.8 litre / 4-cyl
Max Power
116 hp @ 5,600 RPM130 hp @ 6,000 RPM
Max Torque
154 Nm @ 4,000 RPM174 Nm @ 3,600 RPM
DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel Drive
0-100 km/h11.0 secs10.0 secs
Top speed180 km/h190 km/h
PriceAED 55,750 - 62,000AED 67,750 - 78,000


3 Responses to 2015 Nissan Tiida | new car review

  1. Sphiwe Reply

    August 12, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    when is it coming to South Africa

  2. Nirodha Reply

    November 12, 2015 at 10:04 am

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  3. muchemi reuben Reply

    July 16, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    nice car

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