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2015 Mini Cooper Coupe
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Review Summary:

Sometimes designers are allowed to express their mind on paper and the results are marvelous. Other times, not so much, and the results are a little like the .


Safety features are aplenty for a car this size.


The exterior styling is horrendous.


I’m not sure where the guys at MINI were headed with this one, but boy is it outrageously awful. Sporting the standard MINI fascia up front, it’s all well and good, up until you walk towards the sides. With quite possibly one of the worst physiques in modern motoring, the Mini Cooper Coupe simply looks like what the Hunchback of Notre-Dame would look like, had he been suffering from osteoporosis.

2015 MINI Cooper Coupe top


Keeping it trendy, the 2015 Mini Cooper Coupe is available with a variety of contrasting trim and upholstery colours to spice up the cabin to desired temperatures. In the centre of the dashboard sits a silhouette of Mickey Mouse and if you’re wondering whether you’re too old to drive this car, that should help you decide…

2015 MINI Cooper Coupe Interior


Safety features are something the Coupe is adequately equipped with. Bi-xenon headlamps that adapt to the direction of the road, Runflat Tyres that ensure you can drive longer distances without having to stop immediately and a rear spoiler that reduces lift on the rear axle to provide greater balance are just some of the features in addition to the standard stability and traction control systems.

2015 MINI Cooper Coupe Interior

What’s on offer?

121 horsepower and 160 Nm of torque is what the absolute basic Mini Cooper Coupe produces. For a bit more excitement, you can climb the ladder to the Cooper S that ups the game to 181 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque. If, however, you’re absolutely mental and want the John Cooper Works edition, then keep aside AED 180,000 because with that you’ll get 208 horsepower and a ground shaking 281 Nm of torque that flow through a 6 speed automatic transmission!

2015 MINI Cooper Coupe front

Summing it…

Prices start at a merely reasonable AED 145,000 and go North until topping out at AED 180,000 for the JCW edition. But of course, prices only matter if you can get past the way it looks. I know I can’t…

2015 MINI Cooper Coupe rear


Specifications2015 MINI Cooper Coupe2015 MINI Cooper Coupe S2015 MINI Cooper Coupe JCW
Engine/ Cylinders1.6 litre / 4-cyl1.6 litre turbohcarged / 4-cyl1.6 litre turbohcarged / 4-cyl
Max Power
121 hp @ 6,000 RPM181 hp @ 5,500 RPM208 hp @ 6,000 RPM
Max Torque
160 Nm @ 4,250 RPM240 Nm @ 5,000 RPM281 Nm @ 5,500 RPM
Tranmission6 speed automatic6 speed automatic6 speed automatic
DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel Drive
0-100 km/h9.5 secs6.7 secs6.3 secs
Top speed196 km/h224 km/h238 km/h
PriceAED 145,000 +AED 160,000 +AED 180,000

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