2015 Mini Cooper 3 Door| new car review

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2015 Mini Cooper
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Review Summary:

has been around since 1959 and though certain models were added and discontinued through the years, the iconic 3 door has held on.


Unique styling when compared to other hatchbacks in the market.


It is on the pricier side of hatchbacks...


Over time, one thing is for sure, the MINI Cooper has evolved and in 2015 bears almost no resemblance to the MINIs of yesteryear that we all know much too well. But it isn’t all bad, because the 2015 model is a handsome hatch with protruding wheel arches, a chrome ring around the headlamps, 15 inch alloys and a subtle rear spoiler. Of course, all of this is before you enter territory that springs up a honeycomb grille, a hood scoop and a beefier engine below it.

2015 MINI Cooper 3-Door front


Sticking to tradition, the interior of the 2015 MINI Cooper is paradise for anyone who possesses a strange fetish for all things circular. In addition to the steering wheel, the A/C vents, door handles, speakers and the infotainment system are housed into rings. Challenging the norm, there’s nothing quite safe about the styling and surprisingly, it all seems to work.

2015 MINI Cooper 3-Door interior


MINI’s are known to handle like go-karts and quite frankly, there’s a simple reason behind why they do. With the wheels pushed out as far as possible to give it a low centre of gravity and a multilink rear suspension that always ensures both rear wheels are in full contact with the road, it comes as no surprise as to why MINIs sticks to the road. Gripping stuff, eh?

2015 MINI Cooper 3-Door top

What’s on offer?

136 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque, work in synergy to propel the 2015 MINI Cooper from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds. The Cooper S on the other hand benefits from the twin turbo treatment and generates a surprising 192 horsepower and 280 Nm of torque. Dashing from 0 – 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds, it’s quick, but sipping just 5.2 litres for every 100 kilometers of distance covered, it’s fuel efficient too.

2014 Mini Cooper S engine

Summing it…

If it’s conservative, discreet styling you’re after, then the MINI definitely isn’t up your alley. It’s more for the youth, the same youth that challenge what is acceptable on a daily basis. Starting at AED 99,000 for the standard Cooper and AED 124,000 for the Cooper S, there isn’t a lot like it out there…

2015 MINI Cooper 3-Door rear


Specifications2015 MINI Cooper 3-Door2015 MINI Cooper S 3-Door2015 MINI Cooper JCW 3-Door
Engine/ Cylinders1.5 litre turbocharged / 3-cyl2.0 litre turbocharged / 4-cyl2.0 litre turbocharged / 4-cyl
Max Power
136 hp @ 6,000 RPM192 hp @ 6,000 RPM231 hp @ 6,000 RPM
Max Torque
220 Nm @ 1,250 RPM280 Nm @ 1,250 RPM320 Nm @ 4,800 RPM
TranmissionFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel Drive
Drive6 speed automatic6 speed automatic6 speed automatic
0-100 km/h7.9 secs6.8 secs6.3 secs
Top speed210 km/h235 km/h246 km/h
PriceAED 99,000AED 124,000AED 135,000

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