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2015 Volkswagen Golf
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Review Summary:

’s Golf is truly a car of the people. It’s been with us for nearly 40 years, and in that time has experienced highs and lows. This latest version is very much a high…


Build quality


Price tag


There is not much new on the VW Golf in 2015, since its latest updates haven’t been with us long. Certainly, the Golf is a great looking which manages to work in all situations. The sharp headlights still bear the twin lamp look which is synonymous with the Golf. Alongside the Ford Focus, the Golf is one of the best looking hatchbacks on the market.

2014 Volkswagen Golf front + side


Volkswagen does tend to utilise a lot of the same parts across its range of models, and this is true of the Golf as well. There is nothing in there that screams of being original, but then, does it matter? If the interior is smart, well thought-out, and nicely finished, are you going to mind sharing the same bits and pieces with a Passat? Probably not.

2015 Volkswagen Golf interior


Unusually for a premium hatchback in this class, the 2015 Volkswagen Golf comes with a raft of entertainment features, which centres around a touchscreen media interface. Also on offer is an SD-card slot, standard-issue CD player and an auxiliary jack. Front and rear parking sensors, Bi-Xenon headlamps, and a panoramic sunroof are all available.

2015 Volkswagen Golf front

What’s on offer?

The standard Golf comes with two engine options; 1.2 litres and 1.4 litres. Both are well-equipped as standard and cost AED 79,725 and AED 84,111 respectively. The 1.4 litre model will deal with 0-100kp/h in 8.4 seconds and will average 5 litres for 100km of distance. Then there is the GTi; at AED 119,411, it’s 2.0 litre turbo will warp you from city to city in the blink of an eye (yes, it’s as good as you’d imagine it). And if you’ve got some serious fascination with the German hatchback, there’s the mental 280 horsepower Golf R for AED 151,900 as well.

2015 Volkswagen Golf rear

Summing it

The Golf is the cornerstone of VW’s success. Cheap to maintain and run, effectively bullet proof, strong, reliable and pleasing on the eyes. It is a very good car, this, but it does start to go wrong at the price. The Focus, the Golf’s main rival, is between AED 15,000 – 20,000 cheaper, and that is a substantial amount. If you are a loyal Golf owner then you won’t be displeased, but if cost matters, it’s hard to justify nearly AED 80,000 for a 1.2 litre engine.

2015 Volkswagen Golf top


Specifications2015 Volkswagen Golf 1.2L2015 Volkswagen Golf 1.4L2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI2015 Volkswagen Golf R
Engine/ Cylinders1.2 litre / 4-cyl1.4 litre / 4-cyl2.0 litre / 4-cyl2.0 litre / 4-cyl
Max Power
105 hp @ 5,000 RPM140 hp @ 6,000 RPM220 hp @ 4,700 RPM280 hp @ 5,500 RPM
Max Torque
175 Nm @ 4,100 RPM250 Nm @ 3,500 RPM350 Nm @ 1,500 RPM380 Nm @ 1,800 RPM
Tranmission7 speed dual clutch automatic7 speed dual clutch automatic6 speed dual clutch automatic6 speed dual clutch automatic
DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveAll Wheel Drive
0-100 km/h10.2 secs8.4 secs6.5 secs4.9 secs
Top speed192 km/h212 km/h244 km/h250 km/h
PriceAED 79,725AED 84,111AED 119,411AED 151,900

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