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2015 Ferrari FF
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Review Summary:

The is the world’s fastest four-seater. It is certainly a unique car at the higher end of the market.


* Brilliant engine
* Has four seats and a decent sized boot
* Unique transmission


* Slightly questionable styling


From the front, the 2015 Ferrari FF looks strikingly similar to the F12 Berlinetta, and as we have already established, that’s good. But then you see it from the side, and you think “hang on, is that an estate car?” Not quite, but it’s as close to an estate car as Ferrari will ever get. They’ve designed a genuinely original car that looks like nothing else; bravo to the boys from Maranello.

2015 Ferrari FF front


There is nothing disappointing about the FF on the inside. The interior is arguably not as mad as you would expect, when compared to its brothers and sisters, but it is no less refined and stylish. Comfortable seats and ergonomic controls are aplenty.

2015 Ferrari FF interior


The unique “shooting-brake” design of the body means that two adults can fit comfortably in the back. Usually, in this situation, you would expect that the adults in question would have to have no legs, but there is actually a surprising amount of space back there. It also has 450 litres of boot space! In a Ferrari!

2015 Ferrari FF front

What’s on offer?

A 6.3 litre V12 naturally aspirated engine sits underneath the bonnet. Sitting beneath the accelerator pedal are 660 horses, ready to be whipped to transport you and your three passengers in speed and style. The FF is also equipped with dual transmission – two gearboxes. Trying to understand how this works is no easy task, but those who have road tested the FF give it a thumbs up. Prices begin at around AED 1,139,000.

2015 Ferrari FF engine

Summing it

You want a four-seater car, what are your options? You could have a small VW Scirocco, or you could have a big BMW 6 Series Coupe. But these cars are outdone by the fact that they are competing with similar cars that come with five seats. They have less to offer. The Ferrari FF, however, is competing in a market where its rivals have only two seats, so it has more to offer. I think I’ve made my point…

2015 Ferrari FF rear


Specifications2015 Ferrari FF
Engine/ Cylinders6.3 litre V12
Max Power
660 hp @ 8,000 RPM
Max Torque
683 Nm @ 6,000 RPM
Tranmission7 speed dual clutch automatic
DriveAll Wheel Drive
0-100 km/h3.7 secs
Top speed335 km/h
PriceAED 1,139,000

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