Jeep recalls 228,000 Cherokee’s over air bag troubles

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The American automotive giants have been going through a tough phase. after , for everything from airbags to ignition switches, it hasn’t been the most pleasant of times. The newest one to roll in, however, is from , with 2014 and models of the Cherokee being reeled back in for the unintentional deployment of air bags.

2014 Jeep Cherokee front

According to the American automaker, there have been a small number of inadvertent air bag deployments in extreme manoeuvres when drivers dramatically change the angle of travel – an issue frequently encountered when off-roading. The airbag systems, sensing potential rollovers, automatically activate to keep occupants safe. As per a statement released by the Group, “sudden air bag inflation can startle drivers and cause crashes. However, we are not aware of any accidents or injuries.”

Although most of the recalled vehicles are in the U.S. and Canada (168,092), dealers all over the world are ready to recalibrate the software to change the threshold for inflating the air bags. According to U.S. safety regulations, more than 2 million Toyota, Chrysler and Honda vehicles need a second fix for air bags that may inadvertently inflate while the car is running. About 15 percent of the airbags that had been replaced under the previous recall, have deployed inadvertently again.

Source: The Associated Press

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