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If you’ve long envied owners of luxury cars for the features their rides are packed with, then Slamstop could possibly bring you some relief. Allowing virtually any car owner across the globe to have their vehicle’s doors shut using a suction mechanism, it’s a feature that offers not just safety, but a point to brag about as well.

Slamstop installation

Making its way to our region only a few weeks ago, we were invited by the affable folks at Slamstop to have the product installed onto our dutiful Toyota Land Cruiser free of cost. A fitting car indeed, with heavy doors and an adventurous side that sees it venture up dunes on a weekly basis, we thought it’d be ideal to see how the product copes. And so, on a humid Thursday morning, we made our way to the Slamstop service centre in Al Quoz.

Slamstop installation

Upon arriving and meeting Ulugbek Turdaliev, Country Manager and his team, we felt a sense of comfort knowing our vehicle was in the care of a highly competent bunch. Following a demonstration, they also explained how the system worked in temperatures of up to 80°C and assured us that they’ve successfully been able to install it onto everything from Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens to Ladas.

Slamstop installation

Manufactured in South Korea, the installation process saw the technicians remove the door panels, drill three small holes into the car door, and install the motor – a process that took approximately 1.5 hours per door. A system for the boot, however, is still undergoing testing and will require a couple of more years before it hits the market.

Slamstop installation

A concern that aroused was if the component would face any issues mingling with sand, as is bound to happen during our weekend off-road jaunts. However, we were told not to worry, as the device is completely hidden behind the door panel and will not be exposed to the elements.

Guaranteed for up to 30,000 cycles or approximately 10 years, the device allows the door to be shut normally with a tug as well. Prices range from AED 4,400 to AED 5,500 and are inclusive of a two year warranty.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the installation process:

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