2015 Toyota Yaris | Livin’ With a Hatch – 3

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2015 Toyota Yaris
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  • 2015 Toyota Yaris
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Review Summary:

It isn't the prettiest mode of transportation on the streets. It isn't the quickest mode of transportation, either. But unlike our other reports that focus on performance, this series of long term reports elaborates as the title reads, what it's like livin' with a hatch.


* Spacious boot making it rather practical.


* Wind noise seeping in through the A-pillars.

The highlight of this week’s pedalling of our long-term 2015 SE+ was a return trip to Oman via Hatta to renew my UAE visit visa, as well as those of the wifey and our four-month-old rascal.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hatchback side

It’s a trip we were dreading, because the little fellow had screamed his lungs out on the few previous occasions on which we had plonked him in a car seat. And those were just short trips to the shopping mall, so the prospect of a four-hour return journey to and from the border was not a rosy one, to say the least.

Be that as it may, the Yaris earned plus points for being able to comfortably accommodate our bulky pram, and slotting in the rear-facing child seat also presented no problems. Having secured the little fellow in his throne, we set off from Dubai Marina around 10:30am and we were pleasantly surprised by the lack of wailing from our mischief-maker even as we exited Al Khail Road and headed in the direction of Hatta, Oman.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hatchback boot

On the highway we settled into a 140km/h cruise, with wind noise from around the A-pillar generating some ‘whoosh’, but other than that it was a fairly comfortable and relaxed pace in the Yaris. For my Danish wife and infant, the orange sandy dunes that provided a visual backdrop during our trek provided an interesting contrast to the terrain they’re used to being surrounded by back in Scandinavia.

We reached the border with an almost complete lack of histrionics, and our ears were very thankful for that. Having gone through the various checkpoints and gotten our passports stamped with Omani visas, we commenced the return leg to Dubai.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

We managed to get about half an hour down the road before our pint-sized siren fired up. This necessitated a tea stop at an ultra-dingy roadside diner where the little chap was able to get a 40-minute power nap. Subsequently calmed and reinvigorated, we were able to plonk him back in his seat and complete the rest of the journey without drama.

All told, it was a smooth and successful journey that showcased the Yaris’ ability to serve as a practical and relatively comfortable chariot for those with young families. What it lacks in verve, the Yaris makes up for in day-to-day usability.

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