2015 Toyota Yaris | Livin’ With a Hatch – 2

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2015 Toyota Yaris
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Review Summary:

It isn't the prettiest mode of transportation on the streets. It isn't the quickest mode of transportation, either. But unlike our other reports that focus on performance, this series of long term reports for the next two weeks elaborates as the title reads, what it's like livin' with a hatch.


* Visibility is brilliant.
* Ease of use to both, drive and park.


* Intermittent rattles and wind noise at cruising speeds.

Another week in our long-term 2015 has served to pretty much reinforce what I felt after the first week of living with the car. It gets the job done in workmanlike fashion, with no standout qualities, nor any glaring weaknesses.

2015 Toyota Yaris hatchback front

The time spent  behind the wheel over the past seven days has comprised a mix of trundling around town, and one trip to Yas Marina Circuit and back for a media event.

The Yaris is a particularly user-friendly device in shopping mall car parks (as well as the terribly designed parking lot in the basement of my building), which means slotting the car into the tightest of spaces is child’s play. All-round visibility is excellent and the Yaris’ compact dimensions are a further aid in this regard.

2015 Toyota Yaris hatchback side

Out on the road, I continue to be frustrated by the antiquated four-speed auto, which can’t seem to decide which gear it wants to be in if you call for a sudden burst of acceleration. Actually, “burst of acceleration” isn’t what you get in any case – it’s more like an ever-so-gradual rise in knots, accompanied by plenty of racket from the engine.

It’s best if you don’t drive the Yaris as if you’re in a hurry. Far better to merely pootle along and revel in what a no-brainer it is to drive this car. It’s such a doddle to steer, you can simply switch off and turn your mind to other things.

2015 Toyota Yaris hatchback rear

The cruise to Yas Marina Circuit and back provided proof the Yaris is okay-ish on the highway, as long as you keep speeds to under 140km/h. Exceed this and you’ll be treated to lots of wind noise emanating from the A-pillar. It’s not deafening, but enough of a deterrent to simply go a bit slower.

Speaking of noise, the Yaris developed a couple of mysterious creaks/rattles (one from the dashboard and the other from somewhere near the rear passenger-side seatbelt) that dissipated as suddenly as they appeared. I’m still puzzled at how they’ve vanished, but pleased all the same.

Stay tuned for more next week in our riveting tale of living with a Yaris. Here’s a quick link to last week’s tale –

2015 Toyota Yaris | Livin’ With a Hatch – 1

Until next week then….

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