CarVi – an app to improve driving standards

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Safer drivers make safer roads and that’s a given, which is why the new CarVi app is gaining popularity among mothers of teenagers, children of senior citizens, and commuters who log many hours in the driver’s seat. Working in conjunction with a dashboard camera, the App analyses driving habits so that users can improve their road skills and decrease their odds of being in a collision.


Operating as an interactive coach who is available at any time of the day and on any day of the week, CarVi puts a team of virtual driving experts at hand to provide real-time hazard warnings. According to founder Kevin Lee, “CarVi is a coach, a co-pilot, a teacher, and a cheerleader all wrapped up into one app. It tracks all of your driving habits – both the good and the bad – to help improve your driving skills and cultivate safer driving habits.”


CarVi monitors common driving mistakes such as poor lane changes, tailgating, hard braking, and jackrabbit starts, to give users a daily driving score based on the collected data. “The idea is to applaud good behaviour and supply feedback for areas that need improvement,” said Lee.

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