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2015 Range Rover Sport
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Review Summary:

The Range Rover Sport could be described as a car that is nearly identical to the Range Rover, but slightly cheaper…


Exterior design is a real headturner.


Fuel economy isn't its strongest point.


The 2015 Range Rover Sport is your typical ; its square-ish features brandishing their sharp edges and looking all high and mighty. It is a great-looking set of wheels, the Sport, and to those who are not quite so familiar with their cars, could be mistaken for a proper Range Rover. Square head lamp units contain circular projectors, angular vents on the side add sharpness, and its rear is reminiscent of the famous 4×4 of the 1980’s.

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport side


The 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport boasts a fantastic interior, with its swooshing centre console and leather trimmed dash. Everything about the inside feels like a modern Land Rover should; luxurious. Much like on the LR4, a sense of British tradition has been injected into the feel, for example an analogue clock sits in the middle of the beige fascia. For a mid-sized SUV, you’d have to look for a long time before you found anything better.

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport interior


Land Rover built the Sport with a view to both, luxury refinement and capability. Handling is always a fundamental problem with cars of this type, and as such Land Rover have packed it out with all manner of performance enhancing tricks, such as: electronic traction control, stability control, roll stability, and adaptive suspension. Understandably, the Sport is not what you would call economical, with 15 litres giving you 100km in exchange.

What’s on offer?

Five variants of the 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport are on offer, starting with the HSE S at a gentleman’s AED 349,000 and rising up to a whopping AED 559,000 for the oddly-named Autobiography Dynamic. All the usual bells and whistles are on offer, and you can either have your Range Rover Sport with a 3.0 litre supercharged V6, or a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 under the hood.

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport rear

Summing it…

It’s a tricky one, this. The Sport is a great looking, well-equipped, luxury SUV that also goes off-road. It is only marginally smaller than the flagship Range Rover, with the HSE models being much cheaper. But then the top models of the Sport are the same as all but the top Range Rover. If you can afford one, buy one. You won’t regret it, unless you park next to slightly bigger Range Rover. But even then you might give yourself a smile, because for less money you very nearly have the same car.


Specifications2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport 3.0L2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport 5.0L2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
Engine/ Cylinders3.0 litre supercharged / V65.0 litre supercharged / V85.0 litre supercharged / V8
Max Power
335 hp @ 6,500 RPM503 hp @ 6,500 RPM542 hp @ 6,500 RPM
Max Torque
450 Nm @ 3,500 RPM625 Nm @ 2,500 RPM680 Nm @ 2,500 RPM
Tranmission8 speed automatic8 speed automatic8 speed automatic
DriveFour Wheel DriveFour Wheel DriveFour Wheel Drive
0-100 km/h7.2 secs5.3 secs4.7 secs
Top speed210 km/h250 km/h260 km/h
PriceAED 349,000AED 479,000AED 569,000

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