Goodbye frustration, hello NFC

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Pairing your phone to a vehicle’s Bluetooth system is almost always a cumbersome, frustrating and highly time-consuming task; one that many of us simply avoid. However, with Near-Field Communication or NFC, a simple tap of the phone to the vehicle could not only link it to the Bluetooth system, but also adjust everything from the seats, volume of audio system, side mirrors, right up to the climate control system.

NFC tag cars

Research reveals that a whopping 1.2 billion smart phones around the world will have embedded NFC tags in them. Although currently, most top-end smartphones already come with NFC tags, the is very likely to make its was down the line. Just like Bluetooth, NFC is yet another mode of wireless communication. Amongst its pros and cons in comparison to Bluetooth , faster connectivity without the need for manual pairing and use less battery works in favour of NFC.

Car companies have invested heavily in connected-car features and by making it possible to sync a phone with a single touch, they could bump up the percentage of users that actually connect their phones with their vehicles
Andrew Poliak, Director of Business Development at QNX.

Source: Automotive News

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