Jail time for overtake using the hard shoulder

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Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate has revealed that between May and October a whopping 3,790 cars were impounded for a month after being caught driving on the hard shoulder.

Hard shoulder Dubai

Those who have been caught have learned the hard way that the yellow lane at both ends of the road is to be used by authorized vehicles during emergencies only. Slapped with a fine of AED 1,600 and 18 black points, they were warned that repeating the incident could land them in court and jail as well according to article 57 of the federal traffic law.

Overtaking on the hard shoulder of the road is dangerous driving behavior that poses a risk to people’s lives, said Brigadier General Hussein Al Harithi, of Abu Dhabi Police.

Police said most drivers were logged by Abu Dhabi’s radar and surveillance cameras. The cameras installed at junctions use an infrared light without a flash. They cover more than five lanes in each direction, scanning the licence plates of all vehicles.

Police said 39 percent of those caught were Asian and 27 percent were Emirati. The majority of the road offences were committed by drivers aged between 18 and 30 years.

Source: 7 Days

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