Year of the Recalls – 2014

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If we were to read into Chinese mythology and Zodiac signs, would be the Year of the Horse. However, from the looks of it, is better known as the Year of the Recalls as far as the automotive industry is concerned.


With automakers issuing in excess of 550 recalls for over 52 million vehicles, 2014 has found its way into the history books, as it beats the previous record of 30.8 million recalls in the year 2004. Reeled back into factories and dealerships for issues ranging from faulty ignition switches and fuel lines, to smaller issues such as glitches with pieces of software, it hasn’t been a very good year for automobile manufacturers and owners alike.

Dominating first place on the charts is General Motors, who have recalled 26 million cars, but what makes that figure even more shocking is the fact that they’ve only sold 14 million cars in the past five years!

With a simple fix of suggesting driver’s take extra keys off their keychain, General Motors have also offered $25 gift cards to owners to encourage them to bring their cars in to be inspected and have parts changed as needed.

Airbag manufacturer Takata Industries, is also part of the recall game, as it’s scrambling to produce millions of replacement parts. Defective inflators in some of its airbags have the potential to explode with too much force, spraying metal shards, which safety advocates say have killed four people and caused dozens of injuries. Meanwhile, numerous customers have been forced to wait, driving vehicles that could potentially have a life threatening airbag to it.


Source: ABC News

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