Nissan to recall 260,000 vehicles with Takata airbags

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Recalls seem to be the current fad in the automotive world, and while it was previously believed that only vehicles which follow an inferior manufacturing process get recalled, that isn’t the case in today’s day and age. With recalls covering American, Japanese, Korean, and even German manufacturers, cars from all over the world are being reeled back to home turf for numerous issues, not limited to faulty airbags, leaking fuel lines, and dangerous ignition switches.

Nissan Takata airbags

The newest of the lot being , spreading across news channels and newspapers, the Japanese manufacturer has come out to say approximately 260,000 units from all over the world will be recalled to replace a faulty airbag inflator with a correctly manufactured part at no cost to its customers.

Models affected by the are, 2008 to 2012 models of the Nissan Micra, Sunny, and Patrol, which use safety airbags made by Nissan’s supplier, Takata. Linked to four deaths in Honda vehicles and the cause of over 7.8 million cars being recalled, we reckon it isn’t the best of times over at Takata at the moment.

Owners of Nissan vehicles, keep your phones handy. And owners of other vehicles, don’t laugh at their misfortune, because it could be your turn next.

Source: Bloomberg News

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