The Renault EOLAB – a prototype that is adamant to rewrite what’s possible

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seems to be at the forefront of zero-emissions mobility, after all, it has already managed to stock showrooms across the country up with its slightly comical Twizy, but it’s not ready to stop there, as the EOLAB prototype features the impossible; a thirst rating of just one litre of fuel for every 100 kilometres!

Renault EOLAB Concept front

To achieve such low figures, the designers focused their efforts on three main areas: minimising weight, refining aerodynamics and using “Z.E. Hybrid” technology for all, a brand new initiative which permits zero emissions motoring during everyday use.

Renault EOLAB Concept side

For Renault, the purpose of the EOLAB is to remain true to the company’s DNA, by ensuring that ultra-low fuel consumption becomes a reality for as many people as possible. This in turn means making its technologies available at a price that people can afford.

Renault EOLAB Concept rear

Featuring magnesium and aluminium, both which are extremely light and also much cheaper than titanium, the EOLAB stays light on its feet at just 400 kg to increase fuel economy. More importantly, the French manufacturer also dials into the plan of having the EOLAB mass produced within the next 10 years.

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  1. Rudolf H. P. Meyer Reply

    July 7, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    Dear Renault.
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    I saw the Renault Duster Limo which need only to have an E- drive train with solar panell on the roof for staddy recharging and the wing door.
    Please help me to build a manufactoring plant in Togo.
    Rudolf H. P. Meyer

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