100 km/h minimum highway speed limit?

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authorities are considering a proposal to set the minimum speed limit for vehicles on motorways at 100 km/h as part of a strategy to curb accidents. Head of the Federal Traffic Council Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin said he had presented the suggestion to the competent authorities to consider.

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Zafin, quoted by the Dubai-based Arabic language daily ‘Al Bayan’, said he made the proposal after studies showed that a wide gap between maximum and minimum speed limits is a key cause of accidents on motorways. He said the studies have also shown that the gap should not exceed 20 km/h, adding that this means the minimum speed limit on external roads should be 100 km/h. “For this reason, we have sent a proposal to the relevant authorities setting the minimum speed limit on motorways at 100 km/h. “As for trucks, we recommended their maximum speed limit remains at 60 km/h, with an additional margin of 20 km/h.”

Source: Emirates 24/7

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