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2014 Renault Twizy
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Review Summary:

The Twizy is an eccentric invention by the French brand that actually managed to squeeze through the concept stages and to the production line. Legally classified as a heavy quadricycle in Europe, the Twizy is a battery-powered two-seater vehicle that is manufactured entirely in Spain and has a maximum range of 100 kilometres.


Sure to turn heads and make you feel like a celebrity as you drive around town.


Quite a tight squeeze, even for just two people.


Quirky to say the least, the styling of the 2014 Renault Twizy is unlikely to have been inspired by anything currently in existence on Mother Earth. It’s the unification of circular headlamps, high mounted stop lamps and protruding bumpers that give birth to the compact, yet comical Twizy.

2014 Renault Twizy side


Redefining the term “bare basics” the interior of the 2014 Renault Twizy is home to a steering wheel, two pedals, a dashboard with three buttons, a digital speedometer and seating that is comparable to an F-16 Fighter Jet. Clearly, functionality outweighs comfort, or practicality in this case.

2014 Renault Twizy rear


Customisation is key and the guys at Renault allow their customers to make their Twizy truly theirs with a over a thousand unique options. Opt for a certain colour and the roof, dashboard, door panels and alloys all get covered in the hue of your choice. For those who want to take it a step further, there’s also stickers that can be added. Though a small step, it sure is one way to make the 2,338mm long vehicle stand out.

2014 Renault Twizy rear

What’s on offer?

Powered by a 3CG electric induction motor, the Twizy is good for 17 horsepower and 57 Nm of torque. Mated to an automatic transmission with just one forward gear, this translates into a top speed of 80 km/h, a 0 – 45 km/h time of 6.1 seconds and the ability to cover a distance of 100 kilometres in just one charge. While it’s commonly believed for electric vehicles to take close to half a day to charge before being able to take you back home, the Twizy goes from empty to full in a mere three and a half hours; impressive, huh?

2014 Renault Twizy side

Summing it…

There’s many ways to make a statement; some prefer the loud and obnoxious supercars, while for others, the all electric 2014 Renault Twizy that costs a margin of what the supercars do at AED 77,900, does just the job. It’s unique, it’s cool and it’s surely different. Even if you can’t use one for your daily run to work, you should probably get one, just for novelty sake.

2014 Renault Twizy front

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