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2014 Skoda Leon
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  • Skoda Leon
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Review Summary:

Currently in its third generation, the is a that falls into the mid-size segment and faces stiff competition from the likes of the Japanese Mazda3 and German Volkswagen Golf.


Interior is a big leap forward from its shoddier Ibiza sibling.


It's pricier and offers less features than the newest Japanese on the block; the Mazda3.

[tab name=”Looks”]

The 2014 Leone looks identical to its younger sibling, the Ibiza, and if you’ve read our review on that, you’d know it isn’t a bad thing at all. A little larger with the dimensions and an even better rear end, is all that separates one from the other. While contours along the body of the Spanish hatchback may look like abstract art at first, they come together to create nothing short of a masterpiece.

2014 Seat Leon front


[tab name=”Feels”]

Unlike the shoddy interior found in the Ibiza, the Leon feels like it belongs to a different league. With snug racing seats holding you in place, perforated leather on the steering wheel, a set of race inspired gauges and a dashboard that houses a neat infotainment screen, there’s something about the cabin that just makes the Leon feel like an out-and-out hot hatch. Thanks in part to just two doors and space for four adults, the 2014 Seat Leone doesn’t score very highly on the practicality metre, but for anyone interested in this vehicle, that’s about as relevant as fuel prices are for most out here in the Middle East.

2014 Seat Leon interior


[tab name=”Engineering”]

Catered to the youth, the Leon is equipped with the latest generation of Seat’s Human Machine Interface (HMI), which allows users to control the entertainment, communications and vehicle functions through a 5.8 inch touch screen located in the centre of the dashboard. Equipped with an iPod connection, USB port, SD-card slot, Bluetooth, CD player and AUX jack, playing the music of your liking should never be an issue.

2014 Seat Leon front


[tab name=”On offer”]

Utilizing Volkswagen sourced turbocharged engines, the 2014 Seat Leon is available in three flavours; 1.2 litres, 1.4 litres and 1.6 litres. While the smallest of the bunch puts out a modest 105 horsepower, the biggest engine squeezes out an impressive 180 horsepower while being mated to a six speed DSG transmission.

2014 Seat Leon side


[tab name=”Verdict”]

Although some may be attracted to the Mazda3 for its low price and better features, there are others who would spend significantly more than they would for the Spanish built hatchback, just to flaunt the VW badge. At the end of the day, if you want a car that looks good and will make you stand out in the crowd, while also offering impressive performance and a great cabin, you can’t go wrong with the 2014 Seat Leon.

2014 Seat Leon rear



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