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2014 Seat Ibiza
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Review Summary:

The is a nameplate that has been floating around the automotive world since 1984. However, unable to get much traction in the market, the boffins have increased the line-up to offer a three-door , a five-door and a station wagon as well, in the hope to cater to a larger audience.


Quite easily one of the most stunning fascia's to any hatchback currently on the market.


Interior lacks the technology expected in a modern day vehicle.

[tab name=”Looks”]

This may be somewhat of a big claim, but the Spanish Seat Ibiza is in all likelihood, one of the most striking hatchbacks out there. With creases which originate from the tip of the razor-sharp headlamps and run the length of the car, and angular tail lamps that integrate LED’s into the contour of a certain letter in the alphabet, there’s no confusing the 2014 Seat Ibiza for anything else out there.

2014 Seat Ibiza front


[tab name=”Feels”]

Sticking to the bare minimum, the Ibiza is a few light years farther back of its more contemporary American rivals. While Ford’s Fiesta packs in enough tech to keep a techophile grinning for hours on end, the Ibiza opts for a very different approach, with a simplistic entertainment unit in the centre of the dashboard. In FR guise, the Ibiza welcomes perforated leather on the steering wheel, a splattering of FR badges and red stitching along the seats, but that’s where it draws the line with its sporting pretensions.

2014 Seat Ibiza interior


[tab name=”Engineering”]

According to the guys at Seat, it’s the small things that matter, which is why features such as redesigned fog lights that come with a cornering function and rear parking sensors make all the difference.2014 Seat Ibiza side


[tab name=”On offer”]

Three engine choices are available and come in a variety of flavours. Under the normally aspirated range, the 60 horsepower 1.2 litre unit is the first step to entry, while the 1.4 litre engine ups the ante to 85 horsepower, the 1.6 litre comes along and trumps both with a 105 horses under its hood. Going down the turbocharged route, the 1.2 litre churns out 105 horsepower, while the larger 1.4 litre puts out a very impressive 150 horsepower, when mated to a 7-speed DSG transmission.

2014 Seat Ibiza front side


[tab name=”Verdict”]

With a price tag that begins at AED 55,000 and swells to AED 95,000 for the top of the line model, the 2014 Seat Ibiza is significantly cheaper than its American counterpart that starts from AED 65,000. Although the interior isn’t on par with current standards, there’s no denying that the exterior is unique, remarkable and good enough to make up for the shortcomings of the interior.

2014 Seat Ibiza rear side



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