Bear 6×6 launched in the UAE

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Ever since Mercedes-Benz debuted their G 63 AMG 6×6, there hasn’t been anything that blew up the internet just the same way. While the German manufacturer stuck two extra wheels onto its already successful G 63 AMG to create somewhat of a novelty SUV, there have been other manufacturers of 6×6 vehicles that have opted to take a different route.

2014 Bear 6x6 front

Being the only publication in the entire region to have an in-depth look at the Russian built 6×6, we jumped at the opportunity to see what this AED 900,000 monster was capable of and met the men at a secret location to give their truck a bashing on various dunes big and small, razor-sharp and smooth.

2014 Bear 6x6 side

Measuring in 6,340mm long and standing 2,650mm tall, this Russian built vehicle is one of gargantuan proportions and is definitely big enough to make even the largest of SUV’s feel insecure. Flaunting fantastic ground clearance of 600mm, the Bear 6×6 is targeted as the ideal weapon of choice for rescue operations, hunting and cross country adventures. Produced amidst the vast oil fields in Tyumen, Siberia, the Bear 6×6 had to undergo various changes before being able to cope with the conditions of the UAE; the addition of four radiators and a thinner roof liner are just a few.

2014 Bear 6x6 interior

Inside, it’s all very simplistic, with the fanciest piece of equipment being a Garmin navigation system and a JVC head-unit that supports USB audio. Interior space is mighty impressive and seating capacity, doubly so, with room for five people in the cabin up-front and space for another 8 in the rear benches. While amenities include two-zone A/C, a sunroof and a cool box, driver’s benefit from an on-board compressor and xenon roof lighting that can be controlled right from the dashboard itself.

2014 Bear 6x6 side

Powered by a Hyundai Turbo Diesel engine, the Bear 6×6 is good for 100 horsepower and runs out of juice at a top speed of just 70 km/h, but don’t be fooled because torque is available by the bucket-load. Mated to a Hyundai supplied 5 speed manual transmission, the Russian monster is equipped with three independent differentials and two fuel tanks, each of which hold up to 100 litres. Surprising its driver, passengers and bystanders, the Bear 6×6 possesses the ability to simply pull itself up even the steepest of slopes with absolutely no wheelspin whatsoever. Working in conjunction with the independent transversal pry suspension, the 700/55 – 21 LT tyres soak up undulations better than a sponge absorbs water and allows the Bear to glide over dunes effortlessly.

2014 Bear 6x6 front side

While you may need to have extremely deep pockets and an even bigger garage to store the Bear 6×6, the good news for many of us is that you won’t need to enroll into lorry driving classes as it can be driven with the most basic of light vehicle licenses. With plans to use engines from IVECO for the next version of the Bear 6×6 and even utilize a gasoline powered engine in the 4×4 variant that is soon to release, the future of the company looks bright, very bright.

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