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2014 GMC Yukon
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Review Summary:

The is a full-size SUV that is, in essence, nothing more than a Chevrolet Tahoe that has been dolled up with chrome and other fancy bits. Going up against the Ford Expedition, it’s clearly a battle of brawn over brains.


In terms of spaciousness, not a lot can come close to it.


In essence, it's a dressed up Chevrolet Tahoe.


There’s something about the 2014 GMC Yukon that just ticks all the right boxes are far as the design is concerned. The way it regally glides along the highway definitely makes it look nice, very nice in fact, but the dimensional structure of its lanky sibling, the Yukon XL, is definitely more akin to that of a minibus than that of an SUV.

2014 GMC Yukon front side


For Chevrolet Tahoe owners, the interiors of the Yukon would definitely bring about a sense of déjà vu. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it’s airy, spacious and everything you’d expect a large American SUV to be. Starting from the centre armrest that could easily double up as a dining table for two, right up to the head and leg room for rear passengers, the 2014 GMC Yukon is far from cramped.

2014 GMC Yukon interior


Although some may feel the Yukon is a little long in the tooth now, it definitely isn’t lacking the tech of newer SUV’s. Equipped with a Power-Fold-And-Tumble feature, the 2014 GMC Yukon allows its passengers the ease of folding the rear seats by simply utilizing two buttons located either in the overhead console or on either rear door pillar. There’s good news for the wifey, as last minute trips to Ikea should never prove a challenge.

2014 GMC Yukon rear side

On offer

Tree huggers, environmental activists and all the other eco-conscious people, look away now. The 2014 GMC Yukon brings two engine choices to the table; a 5.3 litre V8 and a 6.2 litre V8. While the former knocks out 320 horses and touches the 100 km/h mark in 9.5 seconds, the latter does a neater job of completing a 0 – 100 km/h sprint in 8.5 seconds, thanks to a mighty 403 horsepower being delivered through a six speed automatic transmission.

2014 GMC Yukon side


If you’re part of a large family and space is your biggest concern, then not a lot comes close to the 2014 GMC Yukon and its lofty sibling, the Yukon XL. Sure, it’s AED 40,000 more than the Ford Expedition, but it’s got a bigger engine and looks a lot nicer too!

2014 GMC Yukon rear

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