Volvo unveils revolutionary Inflatable Child Seat Concept

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Car Group and Car Middle East North Africa continue their dedication to protecting the smallest and most vulnerable car occupants. This ground breaking work started with the world’s first rear-facing child seat prototype in 1964 – and the latest innovation is an Inflatable Child Seat Concept that is easily tucked away in a small bag when not in use.

Volvo Inflatable Child Seat

Accidental childhood injury is the leading killer of children under 14 in the MENA region. Most of these injuries are caused due to motor vehicle accidents. Volvo Car Middle East North Africa further demonstrates its commitment to helping protect children travelling in cars, by unveiling the innovative Inflatable Child Seat.

The Inflatable Car Seat inflates in 40 seconds due to the silent and efficient innovative pump system. The total weight of the seat less than 5 kg, half the weight of a contemporary seat, and it is constantly online via Bluetooth enabling a wide range of features, including remote controlled inflation.

As child’s neck is under development and not as strong as an adult’s neck, travelling facing the rear is safer. In a frontal impact collision, the head of a forward-facing car occupant is thrown forward inducing great strain on the neck. Children therefore need special restraints and to face the rear of the vehicle until at least 3-4 years of age.

Due to the quick inflation and small size, this concept presents new opportunities, for example grandparents and friends who take care of your children, can now use this ultra-mobile child seat, thus ensuring your child is always safe. It is also very convenient when travelling by taxi, rental car or bus – situations where you historically had to rely on the safety measures available.

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