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2014 Jeep Cherokee
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Review Summary:

There is an all-new for 2014, and from looks alone it looks as if this latest version will prove popular with the crowd.


Great looks, good price


Plain interior

[tab name=”Looks”]

We have heard some people call the 2014 Jeep Cherokee “ugly”, but I really can’t understand why. The heavily revised front end looks aggressive and mean, especially with those narrow, squinting headlamps. The grille is an updated version of the familiar Jeep countenance, and comes with chrome detailing. I think it looks fantastic!

2014 Jeep Cherokee front


[tab name=”Feels”]

The interior of the Cherokee is perhaps not so aggressive. It takes the form of a very traditional interior, with no real innovation in design. That being said, Jeep owners are generally more interested in crossing deserts than they are playing with fancy cubby holes, and with that in mind the Cherokee achieves what it set out to do.

2014 Jeep Cherokee interior


[tab name=”Engineering”]

There is no such thing as a Jeep that doesn’t go off-road, and as such the Cherokee comes with Selec-Terrain control, which gives the user five different settings for different off-road terrains. This is accompanied by Selec-Speed, which controls off-road speed between 1-8kp/h, which makes life easier when tackling rocks.

2014 Jeep Cherokee side


[tab name=”On offer”]

There are four versions of the Cherokee available: Sport, Longitude, Trailhawk, and Limited. The standard engine is a 2.4 litre straight-4, which produces 184hp, and the premium option is 3.2 litre V6, which belts out 271hp. Prices start at around AED 129,999 for the Sport edition, and go up to AED 179,999 for the Limited.

2014 Jeep Cherokee top


[tab name=”Verdict”]

The new Cherokee has a lot going for it, especially that new, original look. Its off-road features will also make it appealing to a younger, off-road-loving audience, especially as its ideal for families, too. I think it is a very good car at a reasonable price.

2014 Jeep Cherokee rear



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