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2014 Mini Countryman
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Review Summary:

The in MINI lingo, is a compact crossover SUV. In reality, it is not much more than a that has spent some serious time in the gymnasium.


Brilliant optional Alpine sound system


Exterior and interior styling can be improved drastically.


Sporting a sizeable grille up front and a fascia and taillights that are very similar to many of its siblings, the designers should probably take note, that embezzling bits and bobs off a much smaller car and then tweaking them to fill a larger space, just doesn’t work. The 2014 MINI Cooper Countryman is living proof of that.

2014 Mini Countryman front


There’s a very fine line between sticking to tradition and being unimaginative. Sadly, after the seeing the paltry effort on the exterior, I’m forced to believe the latter is true with the 2014 Mini Cooper Countryman. Showing off four proper hinged doors and a boot to accompany, MINI’s stretched hatchback is likely to appeal to those who are adamant about owning a MINI, but are in need of that little extra space.

2014 Mini Countryman interior


The optional Alpine sound system provides a significant boost when compared to the standard stereo system. Including an efficient Class D amplifier and separate bass, mid-range speakers and tweeters, in addition to iPod connectivity, audiophiles are sure to be grinning.

2014 Mini Countryman side

What’s on offer?

At the lowest rung of the performance ladder, sits the standard Countryman that spits out 122 horsepower and 160 Nm of torque. The next stop is the Cooper S, that whips out 184 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque while boasting a top speed of 210 km/h. The final stop is the John Cooper Works Edition, which thanks to a twin scroll turbocharger produces a very impressive 218 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque!

2014 Mini Countryman rear

Summing it…

The Countryman is the only model in the MINI range to boast a mind boggling 8 variants! What begins with a price tag of AED 165,000 for the most basic of the lot, escalates all the way to a princely sum of AED 210,000 for the dressed up JCW Kinght Edition. You’d better have deep pockets…

2014 Mini Countryman top

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