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2014 Suzuki Celerio
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Review Summary:

The Celerio is a city car built by the Japanese manufacturer and has been around since 1979. If you’re Indian or you’ve ever visited India, you have most probably experienced its evolution. The Maruti 800 that matured into the Alto, has now past adolescence and is in its seventh generation sporting the new Celerio badge.


Quirky exterior styling and interior storage space.


Interior could utilize something more than just hard plastics.


If you’re expecting a jaw dropping, head turning body shell, then look elsewhere, because the 2014 Suzuki Celerio doesn’t offer that. But what it does offer is headlamps shaped like water droplets and a simplistic design with minimal ripples or curves that connotes fun more than anything else.

2014 Suzuki Celerio front


If you’re one of those slightly strange people who are allergic to plastic, then please stay away from the Suzuki Celerio, because in addition to the switches being made of hard plastic, so are the dashboard, door panels and sun visors. Apart from that, the cabin is comfortable enough for 4 adults and packs in a decent number of cubby holes to store all sorts of paraphanelia.

2014 Suzuki Celerio interior


Following extensive wind tunnel testing, the engineers and designers at Suzuki have created a body that allows air to flow smoothly over the five door which in turn provides better fuel economy and a quieter ride.

2014 Suzuki Celerio side

On offer

Under its diminutive hood sits a 1.0 litre engine that puts out just 67 horsepower and 87 Nm of torque. Mated to a 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual transmission, the Celerio is definitely something to consider if you’re a student or a simply on a tight budget.

2014 Suzuki Celerio front side


Small engines aren’t exactly the preferred choice in our part of the world, but with traffic on the rise, cars like the Suzuki Celerio make a lot of sense. With a price tag that is in line with the Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto, it all boils to brand preference, really.

2014 Suzuki Celerio rear

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