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2014 Volvo V60
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Review Summary:

Every car maker is famous for one particular style. BMW and Mercedes, for example, are known for their saloons, Land Rover for their off-roaders, Volkswagen for their hatchbacks, and, of course, for their estate cars. The new-for-2014 V60 is the estate version of the popular S60 saloon, a good all-round car with a bit more space in the back…


Spacious cabin
Practical for families with the seating capacity and boot space
To add to its practicality, the back seats fold down flat


It's on the pricey side

[tab name=”Looks”]

The 2014 Volvo V60, at a glance, looks remarkably similar to the smaller V40. It shares the now familiar Volvo rear end, which is a delight for anyone who happens to be stuck behind one on Sheikh Zayed Road. The front is bold, with a large, purposeful grille sitting in the middle ready to gobble up as much air as possible. Notably there is a “V” shape to the bonnet, highlighted by a brace of creases which gives it a lovely sharp edge. The R-Design package offers chrome detailing and some very handsome wheel rim options. This is no typically square Volvo estate, this is fashionable.

2014 Volvo V60 front


[tab name=”Feels”]

Much like the V40 and other Volvo’s on the market, there is something very “IKEA” about the interior. There is a sense that the various panels came flat-packed, and were put together quickly. There is arguably even a hint of retro-chic about it all. The knobs on the centre stack are laid out similarly to how they were on all cars in the 1950’s. It’s all very functional, and certainly comfortable (the seats are excellent), and the R-Design finishing touches add a slice of class.

2014 Volvo V60 interior


[tab name=”Engineering”]

A Volvo estate is never going to let you or your passengers down should you end up in an accident. These cars are remarkably strong and packed full of safety features. Ideal for families with small children, the V60 comes with the City Safety system (explained in our V40 review) as well as having whiplash protection in the front seats, and a plethora of curtain airbags located throughout the cabin. Boot space is excellent, and increased when the back seats are folded down, which they do, flat.

2014 Volvo V60 side


[tab name=”On offer”]

The V60 is only available in the popular R-Design trim, which adds a small level of sporting credential to the overall design. Under bonnet sits a 2.0 litre 4-cylinder direct injection turbo engine, which will punch out 240 horses and 320Nm of torque. Standard features include the famous SIPS (side impact protection system), ABS, 7” screen, Bluetooth, sunroof, and LED headlamps.

2014 Volvo V60 top


[tab name=”Verdict”]

When you tell someone that you drive a Volvo estate car you are going to have to accept the fact that you will be judged. They will think that you’re a boring individual with no taste in cars whatsoever. They’ll be wrong, for sure. The V60 is a far cry from the Volvo’s of old, and without being a player’s car, they are certainly respectable. The safety features and excellent boot space makes it an ideal five seat family car. It might not be the cheapest option, but surely you want the best for your children?

2014 Volvo V60 rear



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