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2014 Volvo V40
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Review Summary:

Gone are the days when Volvo was a car maker for the horrendously unfashionable. When Ford took over, and subsequently Chinese firm, Geely Automobile, a revolution was born. The latest V40 is built from a solid platform and could very well be a contender for best of its class.


It's a brilliant looking car that packs in oodles of safety features


It bears quite a steep price tag


The first thing to note about the 2014 is that it is built on Ford’s C1 platform, the same as the Ford Focus. The V40 therefore shares a similar shape and style to its cousin, which as we know, is superb. The stand-out feature of the styling is the tailgate, where a brace of arrow-shaped rear clusters book-end a beautifully sculpted rear-window. American designer Chris Benjamin is worthy of an award.

2014 Volvo V40 front and side


As we know, Volvo is originally Swedish, and therefore the stereotype of IKEA can be brought into play. The interior of the 2014 Volvo V40 is unique, and boasts a less-is-more, minimalist style. The various instruments and knobs are all fitted by themselves, distant from others, and the air vent architecture, although conventional in location, are still unique in their style. It certainly looks as if it comes in flat-pack form, yet ultimately the V40 feels fresh.

2014 Volvo V40 interior


Unfashionable or not, Volvo’s have always been at the forefront of passenger safety. The V40 is packed with features, too many to list here, but the most interesting one of the lot is the City Safety collision avoidance system. It uses a laser-based technology to sense hazards ahead, up to 50kp/h, and prepares the brake pedal for a sharper halt. If the car realises that you haven’t noticed the hazard, it will cut the throttle and brake for you!

2014 Volvo V40 side

What’s on offer?

There are two primary variants of the V40 available, the T5 Sport and T5 R-Design. Both come fitted with the same 2.0 litre, five-cylinder, direct injection turbo engine, which produces 213hp and 300Nm of torque. Economically speaking the V40 looks quite tasty, as 7 litres will give 100km in distance. While the Sport will set you back a reasonable AED 139,000, the R-Design will cost quite a bit more at AED 150,000.

2014 Volvo V40 rear and side

Summing it…

The facts speak for themselves; the Volvo V40 is a genuinely fabulous-looking car, and the features and options that are available are fantastically considerate. Standard features include an 8” colour screen, Bluetooth, USB, dual-zone climate control, heated seats and so the list goes on. But that’s before you include all the safety features, most of which you won’t see because they make up the very structure of the car. And that’s the kicker because all these safety features come at a price. Yes, it is twice as well-equipped as the Ford Focus, but it is also twice as expensive.

2014 Volvo V40 front

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