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2014 Ferrari California
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Review Summary:

The California is a magnificent Grand Tourer. Aimed to be slightly more used on a day-to-day basis than its other models, has made a stunning car equally practical.


Clever storage space
Great looks


Fuel economy


I know, I know, here comes another motoring journalist swooning at the sight of another scarlet Ferrari, praising its curves and all-round finesse. You’ve heard it all before. But look at the picture; the soft curves are sublime, particularly those that start behind the front wheel arch and swoop backwards over the rear wheels. The front bears an expression of happiness, and who wouldn’t be if they looked like that? The Ferrari California may not have been updated in this department for 2014, but really, it didn’t need it.

2014 Ferrari California


There is an air of calm in the California. Unlike the 458 or the F12 where everything is made to feel like a racer, the California is a good old fashioned Grand Tourer. Excellent comfort is provided in both physical and psychological means. Dare I say it feels like a modern classic.

2014 Ferrari California interior


The hard-top retractable roof can be stowed or deployed in a matter of seconds, and packages away neatly without compromising storage space too much. Further, the back seats fold down thus increasing luggage space more-so. One combination even allows for a large set of golf clubs to protrude from the boot and rest between the two rear passengers. It’s all very clever.

What’s on offer?

The California comes with a hearty 4.3 litre V8. It will produce nearly 460 horses worth of power and 485Nm of torque. It takes a smidge under 4 seconds to achieve 100kp/h from naught, and can max out at a gentleman’s 310kp/h. There are options, as you would expect, including larger wheels and tyres for an enhanced driving experience. You can also choose between an F1 7-speed gearbox with a dual clutch, or a 6-speed manual.

2014 Ferrari California rear

Summing it

If you are considering a Grand Tour along the French Riviera this summer, but are unable to work out which car will be best, then you would be well advised to give the 2014 Ferrari California some consideration. It looks good, is suitable for all weathers, and you won’t have to choose between your friends or you golf clubs. For most of us, ‘tis but a dream; for others, a privilege.

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