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It all began when handed over a number of Camry Hybrid vehicles to the Dubai Taxi Corporation a few years ago. Following a three year trial, the Hybrid’s proved their worth by covering in excess of four million kilometers and delivering a 33% reduction in CO2 emissions and 33% improvement in fuel efficiency.

Toyota Camry Hybrid taxi

Estimated to reduce one tonne of CO2 emissions per car annually, along with an annual saving of AED 12,000 per car on fuel, it comes as no surprise when requests for 28 hybrid vehicles and becomes the first private company in the UAE to own a hybrid fleet.

Toyota Camry Hybrid taxi - 2

Upon receiving the vehicles, Abdullah Sultan, Executive Director, Cars Taxi said: “As an operator of over 4,000 taxis, we feel privileged to be the UAE’s first private company to own . The excellent reputation, durability, low cost of ownership and superior green credentials of the Hybrid Camry, were certainly big selling points for us.”

Toyota Camry Hybrid taxi - 3

Following the press conference and handing over ceremony, we had the opportunity to drive the Camry Hybrid’s and were rather impressed. Though the exterior and interior are pretty standard with the exception of hybrid badges and a few switches here and there, the changes under the hood make all the difference.

Toyota Camry Hybrid taxi - 4

The 2.5 litre four cylinder fitted in the standard Camry pushes out a decent 178 horsepower, however, with the help of the electric motor, the Hybrid bumps it up to 200 horsepower and the result is a 0 – 100km/h time of 7.5 seconds, as opposed to 9.1 seconds. Shockingly, the CVT transmission fitted in the Camry Hybrid doesn’t groan and drone  either, instead it is silent and the switch between electric mode and when the engine kicks in is seamless.

Toyota Camry Hybrid taxi - 5

As you’d imagine, the battery in the boot has eaten up a little bit of the space, which now measures in at 370 litres as opposed to 436 in the standard Camry. Apart from that, the Camry Hybrid is mighty impressive and we can’t wait to see more on the streets of the U.A.E as taxi’s.

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