Renault’s shocking Twizy at the 2014 Qatar Motor Show

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The electrifying stuns visitors at the . Being the first car maker in the region to market an , the Twizy is paving a path that other manufacturers could soon follow.

Renault Twizy front + side

Being just 2.34 meters long, 1.45 meters tall and 1.24 meters wide, there really isn’t a whole lot out there like the Twizy. With endless customization options that revolve around four primary colours – blue, white, red and black, being unique is something that comes as standard.

Renault Twizy side

Powered entirely by electricity, the Twizy is able to cover an approximate 85 kilometers on a single charge. The lithium-ion battery which power the electric motor is mounted beneath the seats to lower the centre of gravity and requires just 3 and a half hours to satisfy its hunger using a standard domestic 3 pin plug. Combined with an outsized turning radius, the Twizy is believed to be a fun and responsive car.

Renault Twizy front

Safety isn’t something that the guys at have forgotten with the Twizy either. It features a tubular chassis to keep occupants safe from impacts, 4 disc brakes, a 4-point seatbelt, a driver’s airbag and rear parking aid.

Bookings across GCC countries will commence with first preference given to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Prices start at AED 80,000 for the one of a kind Twizy and is inclusive of a 2-year warranty.

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