Toyota records 691,631 sales in the Middle East in 2013 alone

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If we were to randomly stop people on the street and ask them to guess the most dominant brand in the automotive market, we’d get all sorts of answers; ranging from the Koreans, to the Americans, to the Germans. Unfortunately, it’s none of those. It’s the Japanese and to be specific.

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Recording a 10% growth in over 2012, Toyota sold a mind boggling 691,631 vehicles in the Middle East alone. Around the GCC, 7% growth over the previous year was recorded which translates to a total of 633,037 vehicles to be precise. But that was not all for the Japanese brand, as sales flourished in Yemen with 13,305 vehicles, along with Iraq and the Levant region that sold 45,289 vehicles as well.

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Toyota’s reasonably priced, rear wheel drive, 86 sports car saw a significant rise in sales with a total of 878 vehicles being driven off the showroom floor. With a revised exterior, the RAV4 saw an impressive 41% jump in demand as well to total 12,871 sold in 2013. The trusty Corolla wasn’t left behind either; recording a total of 106,388 sold in 2013.

As far as the most popular model in the brand’s line-up goes, it isn’t the Corolla, Yaris, or even the Land Cruiser as most of you thought. In fact, it’s the commercial pick-up that goes by the name of Hilux. Trust us, we were just as surprised as you.

2010 Toyota Tundra

After having a short but informative discussion with Nobuyuki Negishi, the Chief Representative of the Middle East and North Africa region for Toyota Motor Company, we discovered that though the RTA is already using hybrids in their fleet and are happy with the results, Toyota has no plans to bring out a hybrid model to the consumer market. More importantly, Toyota is aware of the potential that the Raptor chasing Tundra has in a market like the Middle East and is willing to get it here if there is a more enthusiastic response from the Saudi market. So as a humble request, please get in touch with your pen pals in the Kingdom, because we would love to see more Tundra’s carving up dunes alongside its archrival on the weekends.

Growth in 2014 is seen as a game of tug of war. On one side, visa issues in Saudi Arabia seem to be affecting fleet sales drastically, while on the other end, the introduction of T-Connect (Toyota’s smartphone based navigation system) and rising sales in Iran, try their level best to bring about even better sales figures.

2013 Lexus IS rear

On the other end of the spectrum, Toyota’s luxury arm Lexus, also recorded a 19% sales growth in 2013 compared to the previous year and sold 37,284 vehicles across the region. Attributed to three main pillars – aggressive design, dynamic performance, and advanced environmental and safety technologies.

With its contemporary and distinctive styling, it comes as no surprise that demand for the Lexus IS grew by 63% to total 1,864 units. Ironically, the rugged body-on-frame constructed Lexus GX SUV also experienced a 63% gain in popularity and found 1,060 new homes. On the other hand, with a total of 3,000 improvements carried out to its most refined saloon ever, sales for the LS rose by 55% to total 2,171 vehicles sold in 2013.

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    February 23, 2014 at 10:03 am

    Hi Salman,

    Now you know why all the streets in Saudi Arabia have so many Toyota’s…


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    جميع شوارع السعودية ﻻ تخلو من سيارات تايوتا انها السيارات الافضل

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