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2014 Jaguar XK
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Review Summary:

The XK is a grand tourer that is very proud of. It ticks all the boxes, even the one that says "Tick here to empty your bank account"...






The current version of the Jaguar XK has been with us since 2007, and it is undoubtedly one of the best looking GT cars around. Its sexy curves are based on, apparently, those of British actress Kate Winslet. I struggle to see the resemblance, but regardless, both are very pretty individuals. The XK looks like anyone’s dream car of choice for cruising around under glorious sunshine.

2014 Jaguar XK front + side


Comfort is of paramount importance in any GT car, and it is this area where Jaguar really knows their stuff. The XK certainly bears one of Jaguar’s more modest interiors. Dripping with sporting pretensions, it still manages to be comfortable without making a song and dance about it.

2014 Jaguar XK interior


The XK is packed with plenty of features that offer comfort, performance and safety. On the safety front, the XK comes with a Pedestrian Contact Sensing System, which raises the bonnet slightly to protect stray civilians from bopping their heads. Also on offer on the model is a Rollover Protection System, which deploys two steel hoops behind the passengers should the car find itself upside down. Think of them as steel airbags…

What’s on offer?

Plenty is on offer in the XK range. The entry level 5.0 litre will set you back a relatively reasonable AED 335,000, with its convertible brother costing a further AED 20,000 more. The R and R convertible are AED 465,000 and AED 485,000 respectably, and then we get into nosebleed territory… An R-S coupe will cost AED 615,000 and the convertible R-S is a mad AED 635,000. For that kind of money you’d expect it to be made of gold…

2014 Jaguar XK rear

Summing it

The XK is Jaguar’s most expensive range, and when you actually sit down and look at what is actually available, you begin to see why. Like all Jags, the XK is remarkably good-looking, but by thunder is it expensive. You will only buy this car if you really want one. And the chances are, you probably do…

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