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2014 Land Rover LR4
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Review Summary:

The (aka: Discovery 4), is a large SUV like no other. Its odd appearance might put some off upon first glances, but looks can be deceiving.




External appearance


Sometimes you have to look hard to see true beauty, and should you put this into practice when staring at the LR4, then you’ll have to stare extra hard. It is not beautiful in common context, with its tall posture and boxy back-side making it look almost Ford Flex-ish. But, eventually, you begin to see the appeal. Yes, the rear third of the car looks as if it has been retro-fitted, but it’s original if nothing else.

2014 Land Rover LR4 front


Inside, things certainly feel like a Land Rover. Combinations of leather, walnut, beige, and chrome have all been fitted where you would normally expect to find plastic. Somehow, Land Rover have modernised traditional interior; they’ve taken very traditional British styling, and made it “Star Trek-like”. Take the “touch disc” gear selector. This unique method of changing gear with one finger, akin to spinning an LP, is fitted within a beige and walnut console. It all feels “traditionally modern”.

2014 Land Rover LR4 interior


The LR4 has been designed to deal with intense off-roading, and comes with an array of bits and pieces to help service that function. The under-shields that have been fitted to both ends are solid, and the car boasts a ground clearance of 310mm. A ladder is available for the rear, so that you can access the roof should you wish. Boot space is 1260 litres, but should you opt for a third row of seats, then you will lose most of that. Go the other way and fold down the second row and you’ll have 2,600 litres at your disposal.

What’s on offer?

For 2014 the LR4 comes in two variations, with the HSE LE starting at AED 239,000, and the HSE beginning at AED 269,000. Both models come with the same 5.0 litre 32-valve V8, bringing 375 horses and 510Nm of torque to the table. The difference is that the more expensive HSE comes with an active rear differential, which will improve off-road performance. The LR4 is tremendously well-equipped, too much to list here, but it will be a handy tool for the desert.

2014 Land Rover LR4 side

Summing it

So, you want a 4×4, and the LR4 is in your price range, what else do you look at? Well, for the same money you could have a BMW X5, a useless car that doesn’t go off-road at all. Or for another AED 40,000 you could have a Mercedes GL, but you’re paying a lot more for a little more. The LR4 might not be the best looking option, but owning one will make you look like you know something that other car-buyers don’t. Some might ask why you picked it over the better looking X5, and when that happens, take them out to the desert and show them why…

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