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2014 Honda CR-V
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Review Summary:

The latest CR-V, which has been on sale since 2012, is a reliable and good looking . But would you choose it over a RAV-4?


Boot space




The CR-V is one of Honda’s better looking cars. There are plenty of curves and smooth lines that give the car a very stylish appearance. The rear clusters in particular are original in their own right, as they run up either side of the rear window moulding neatly with the contours of the roof. If one were to be picky, then the front exhibits a small under-bite resulting in a rather scrunched expression. But it is forgivable.

2014 Honda CR-V front + side


Inside the CR-V things aren’t quite so original; the interior lacks both imagination and style. It is all very functional, but Honda seemed to have kept it very minimalist and, frankly, rather dull. If it is not needed to actually operate anything, then it hasn’t been fitted. Seating and space scores highly, but the overall feel is far too clinical and bland to be called comfortable.

2014 Honda CR-V interior


Boot space in the CR-V is excellent, as it splits into two levels. The rear seats fold in a variety of combinations, too. Like other Honda’s, the CR-V has been designed using Advanced Compatibility Engineering. In simple terms, in the event of an impact, the shock is dispersed through the crumple zones and keeps the occupants within a sort of safety cell. As a result the CR-V scored full marks in the USA’s standardised crash test.

What’s on offer?

Three trims are available: the LX starts at AED 107,000, the EX at AED 113,000, and the EX-L range topper begins at AED 122,000. All are fitted with a standard 2.4 Litre i-VTEC 16 valve power-plant which emits 221 Nm of torque and 185 horses. A rearview camera is standard on the EX and EX-L, with tricks such as Bluetooth, leather upholstery, and an infotainment screen all available as options.

2014 Honda CR-V rear

Summing it…

The CR-V is not a bad car at all. Despite the unimaginative interior, the latest version is both good-looking and well equipped with an excellent size boot. It is ever-so-slightly cheaper than its main rival, the Toyota RAV-4, but slightly outgunned on power and torque. The dimensions are fairly similar between the two. Choosing between the CR-V and the RAV-4 will boil down to whether you prefer Honda or Toyota, which is like choosing between Real Madrid and Barcelona…

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