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2014 Honda Pilot
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Review Summary:

The Pilot is Honda’s only mid-size crossover SUV, although the actual size of it leaves it not too far from the full-size bracket.


Passenger and luggage space


Exterior appearance


Sometimes you have to wonder who gave the green light for a car to be produced. At Honda, the board must have sat down and all agreed that they liked the look of the Pilot, and that worries me. Aesthetically speaking, the Pilot is akin to a refrigerator rather than a car. The front has been marginally improved after the facelift, but overall it is void of any imagination, and style but the fevered dream of a mad man.

2014 Honda Pilot side


The Pilot’s penchant for squares and edges continues inside, although the interior contains more creativity and functionality than the exterior would have you believe. But there are still some very dated elements. Without picking on anything specific, you get the impression that the designer liked cars from the 1980’s, and replicated his taste here. The space however is supreme, with rows two and three folding totally flat, resulting in a huge amount of storage space.

2014 Honda Pilot interior


As stated, the space available for what is technically a mid-sized SUV is excellent. The car easily sits eight people, and the flat-folding seats work very well, and in a variety of combinations.  A split tailgate comes as standard, and curtain airbags run along both sides of the entire car, offering maximum protection to all occupants. The suspension has been tweaked and now comes with fluid-filled bushes to provide a steady ride. Off-roading has very much been thought about.

What’s on offer?

The Pilot comes in three trims: EX, EX-L, and Touring. All models come equipped with a 3.5 Litre V6 which boots out 253 horses and 347 Nm of torque. 0-100kp/h is dealt with in 8.8 seconds and 13 litres of fuel will give you 100 km up the road. The EX starts at AED 134,000, the EX-L at AED 148,000 and the top of the line Touring at AED 159,000. There is a long list of features, but I do find it hard to understand why the Touring model is so expensive.

2014 Honda Pilot rear

Summing it…

The Pilot is reputed for being a very capable off-roader. Inside there are plenty of comfortable seats and quirky features, but the overall interior is dated. The looks are bland at best, and it is more expensive than its rivals, namely the Nissan Pathfinder. If you’re only interested in space, then this is the car for you. But if you only care about looks then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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